We kick off our blog with one of the jewels in our #masquecomida section. Every month we bring you a different literary recommendation from Drag Magic, Palma's emblematic bookstore and to which we owed so much during our childhood, when we discovered books with which to feed our imagination. We have partnered with them to offer you a good reading to immerse yourself in accompanied by the Mediterranean flavor of our packs. A reading available during those 30 days and linked to some relevant event or date on our island or beyond. 

Well, within the Be Fructus family we have a very police vein so the literary recommendation of February has been like a glove, a good crime novel, and in turn a tribute to the #febrernegre Festival in #Palma that under normal circumstances It would have been held on these dates as it had been traditional for 10 editions. Another of the troubles that 2020 leaves us but that luckily has not yet prevented us from continuing to enjoy a good read on the sofa. Here are our proposals, three crime novel titles with a very Mediterranean flavor: Sicília sense morts, Problem in Pollensa by Agatha Christie and for the little ones: A book to solve enigmas without leaving home.



The first of the literary recommendations for adult crime novels is the 2015 work by Mallorcan author Guillem Frontera, Sicília sense morts, a crime novel that portrays a Mallorca marked by corrupt leaders and a society that, with part of responsibility, watches how it degrades the territory. A complex plot of corruption to obtain revenge that begins the day that the young president of the Autonomous Community receives a dead rat inside a lead chest ... Mallorca had been defined as Sicily without dead, but until when? 

We have recently heard the news that IB3 will bring Frontera's work to television through an 8-chapter miniseries, directed by María Togores, who is also responsible for the acclaimed island series Amor de cans. 


This novel is set in the glamor of international tourism that was experienced in Mallorca in the 1930s. “Parker Payne disembarks in Pollensa, on the sunny island of Mallorca, to start a well-deserved vacation in a hotel with great charm .. . "

The truth is that the biography of Agatha Christie has quite a few gaps and for administrative reasons two hotels are the ones that have disputed for many years to have hosted the writer during those vacations that inspired her to write this mystery novel set in the cultural capital early twentieth century.


ENIGMAS. Challenge your mind with 25 mystery stories. Victor escandell

This book is designed for the youngest members of the household and, through Victor Escandell's beautiful illustrations, proposes the resolution of 25 enigmas using either logic or imagination. A delight to entertain the most curious children, with a taste for books, who want to know everything, and to whom it is not easy to give a hoot; )

Undoubtedly, the February "Book Fructus" edition is specially designed for those nonconformist gourmets of any age and for lovers of crime novels like us, who will especially enjoy these intrigues with a Mediterranean flavor.

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