Or the story of how to say bye bye to plastic and also enjoy the exquisite flavor of a good sausage even more.

Hello hipster gourmets !! Today we would like to tell you how, in our crusade to minimize the use of plastics When it comes to tasting the most exquisite products of our land, we found one of the best ways to package our sausages Of the brand Roibas, and in general any top quality sausage, to preserve even more its intense taste.

We were at the beginning of the creation of our Be Fructus boxes and we had already decided which would be our supplier of the best Iberian ham and Mahon cheese for our packs of "Mornings with salt shaker", (the reason for our love affair with Roibas, os We will tell about it in another moment, since praising the product and the way of working it of this Mallorcan delicatessen gives for another entry). As we were telling you, we had found our supplier of sausages and now we had to decide together  in what format should they prepare the product to include the necessary amount of ham or cheese that is needed to enjoy a good breakfast in the purest style Mediterranean, or what is the same, a Be Fructus breakfast.

Are there alternatives to traditional packaging?

The usual thing and what we all think is the best for a product to retain all its properties is vacuum packaging, and then what is the problem? type of product like many others, it is made using plastic. We do not need to repeat it more times: one of the premises of Be Fructus is to minimize the use of plastics as much as possible ... 

Looking and searching, we discovered that there was a case of a producer in the peninsula who packaged ham in glass, and here we think, ham in a glass jar? That's possible? And what is more important, does the ham maintain its quality? that is why after discovering a new e innovative practice and Roibas' goodwill and desire to work as a team were the perfect solution to the problem. And thanks to this union, today we can offer the individual Be Fructus doses of this exquisite Iberian ham and artisan cheese in an exclusive format:vacuum packed in glass jars! And it is not only a perfect alternative to the use of plastics and a highly recyclable and even reusable material, but also it is better to preserve the properties of a good ham or sausage!!

For a handmade product cut with a knife: nothing like glass.

Packaging in glass jars is not just a ecological solution, it is also a resource used in haute cuisine that helps us to enjoy a best experience when it comes to tasting a good product. High-quality bait or acorn-fed Iberian ham, which are cut with a knife, that is, by hand, minutes before being packaged. Its introduction in glass jars, unlike packaging in plastic, means that some slices do not stick to each other, losing their original texture, and that part of the aroma and fat remains impregnated in the plastic.

Comparative tastings carried out by large Iberian ham producers demonstrated that glass packaging better preserved the flavor and properties of the product, as well as protecting it more effectively from external factors such as light or temperature. For the world of gastronomy it was a great advance when it comes to guaranteeing the preservation of the flavor of a high quality product with international prestige. For us, both in the case of ham and artisan Mahon cheese, the option of using this glass container format has been a battle won in favor of the sustainability and one more step on the alternative path of enjoying what we like the most but with maximum I respect towards the earth. And we must try to take care of her as she takes care of us and at least try minimize waste generation. The packaging in reusable and recyclable glass jars of the products of our friendly neighborhood delicatessen, Casa Roibas, is another gesture to achieve this. Come on we can !! 💪💪

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