Surely you have known someone who knew someone who received a basket for Christmas in their company with all kinds of food to share with loved ones, and even a shoulder! These were times past, no longer prior to the pandemic; It may have been almost two decades since someone last saw one of those baskets.

In every crisis there is always an opportunity, options for transformation, to evolve ... And in the difficult times in which we live (let's call them times of post-crisis) there are many changes in mindset that are for the better. The first we know well since it is one of the reasons for being of Be Fructus and has to do with concern for responsible consumption, where quality prevails over quantity, and greater respect for the environment. The second stream is the need for companies to thank their teams for their involvement given the great changes and episodes of uncertainty in the work environment that the pandemic has brought. His flexibility and effort to reconcile teleworking with home, family, worry, and lack of freedom.

From the conjunction of these two post-pandemic realities, at Be Fructus we have become allies of several local companies that have sought to surprise their workers with an “atypical” gift with a Mediterranean flavor that encourages more conscious consumption. 


Looking ahead to this Christmas, which continues to be atypical with the threat of shortages floating in the air (which, limited to large stores, low-quality products, low-cost fashion, etc., would even be desirable), we have expanded our line from packs on request to adapt to companies seeking a different and relevant detail for your teams.

The essence inside each Be Fructus box remains the same: a tribute specially designed for non-conformist gourmets that invites us to stop, savor the moment, and enjoy the Mediterranean products and gastronomy What are they universal heritage. 

                                                                                     * PHOTOS PLACE: IN PALMA MAGAZINE OFFICE 


The Be Fructus line of packs for companies offers us the opportunity to adapt to the needs and budget of companies that, like Be Fructus, they want to do things differently. The result is orders that we prepare with special enthusiasm and affection, different "Christmas baskets", and on exclusive occasions, specially designed for a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.


And you, do you want to motivate your team in a different way this Christmas?



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