We had a hard time finding a drink in a small format that did not include the traditional plastic straw, but we did it!

Many of you will know that 2021 is the year that the normative European Union through which single-use plastics are banned. Right now, as of July, all the countries of the European Union must adapt their laws to comply with the new regulations.

This is great news, and we already know that we do not have to talk to you, ecologist gourmets, about the seriousness of this matter, about the great problem of plastics in the sea and in the oceans, but to give you an idea: 80% of marine litter is plastics, and of that 80%, 50% are single-use plastics. 

Single-use plastics

As explained in the regulations, it is not a question of banning plastic at a general level as a material, but of banning plastics that cannot be integrated into a circular economy model, that is, that do not return to the production system. This is what happens with single-use plastics, which are very difficult to recycle and end up in the sea as we have seen. Single-use plastics that will become prohibited are of the type: ear buds, bags, cutlery, plastic cups and plates, straws, drink stirrers, balloon sticks, food containers that are sold to be consumed in that same container, as well as caps and lids.

It should be noted that with regard to these regulations, communities such as the Balearic Islands (and this gives us special satisfaction) have anticipated the regulations. The islands have their own law, in force since March, which has eradicated the use of these types of products.




Ecomil loves nature, Be Fructus loves Ecomil

A Be Fructus commitment to the environment and to stand up to the use of plastics comes from the cradle. That is why at the end of 2019 we were in the complicated task of finding a supplier of almond milk that had a single-use format and that also shared our vision (both at the level of organic production and consumption) and would have anticipated the prohibition; In other words, you already had an alternative to the plastic straw integrated into your product. 

Is not easy. It is not easy for a producer to adapt its packaging in such an innovative way, and probably more expensive, and at the same time find suppliers that provide alternative materials and solutions to the use of conventional plastic… And then Ecomil appeared.


Source: @ecomil


Ecomil is a pioneer brand in the production of almond milk that has developed an entire one that we include in our Be Fructus Gluten Free Pack comes from almonds collected in Spain with a Bio certificate. The match Definitive between Be Fructus and Ecomil was the fault of a small thing but for us very big: a cap made from sugar cane and therefore 100% recyclable with which they said goodbye to the plastic straw. Come on, it's not that you can recycle it effectively, it's that you can put it in the compost bin! 🤩 🤩 We know that your eyes shine like us, that we are already getting to know each other;) 


 Source: Be Fructus

One day more hipster gourmets, closer to a better planet. Thanks to people like you who know how to enjoy the little pleasures and the best products taking care of each other, and above all, with an eye to the future. 

Until the next post!


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