Begudes PuigFamily business that dates back to 1927 and that has reinvented itself in its fourth generation to continue offering a quality product, sustainable and committed to its land and its fruits.

The story of Laccao It begins in 1944, when a delicious milk and cocoa shake appeared in Mallorca. With the founding of AGAMA in 1958, laccao became, to this day, a Mallorcan classic with an unmistakable flavor.

Everything in life has a beginning, and that of Canned Rosselló It is in the hands of Joan Rosselló and Magdalena Perelló, who around 1956 undertook the adventure of Conservas Rosselló, currently a benchmark in the canning of Mallorca.

They are Catiu is one of the major oil producers with the "Oli de Mallorca" designation of origin. A premium quality extra virgin oil resulting from a meticulous selection of olive trees from Mallorca, extracted in a traditional way and without applying any chemical treatment.

Bessó is the word we use in Mallorca to name the almond fruit. And it has been the word they have chosen since "Bessó from Mallorca " when it comes to making and naming its artisan sugar almonds made in Porreres.

Sa Granola is an artisan gourmet product created between Barcelona and Mallorca, based on buckwheat, dried fruits, laminated coconut and goji berries. A gluten-free, vegan and high-quality product in more sustainable packaging.

In MallorcaFruits, located in Palma, produce all their products in a traditional way and based on ecological Mallorcan almonds, betting on innovation and more sustainable packaging.

The Murcian brand EcoMil bet on organic vegetable drinks without sugars, lactose or gluten. Since 2019 Ecomil has eliminated the straw, one of the great pollutants, from its packaging, betting on more sustainable packaging.

Since 1927 and for decades, White Rose He refreshed Mallorca by making different beers. However, with the tourist boom of the 60s, its small volume prevented it from competing and it disappeared. Damm has recently revived its long tradition with this Hoppy Lager.

One one of the best yogurts we've ever had. The yogurt Pastoret, produced in Catalonia by the Pont family business, has reinvented itself to offer an excellent ecological product and in a more sustainable packaging!
Marine Potatoes make some of the best French fries following the traditional recipe and based on virgin olive oil and Flor de Sal de's Trenc de Mallorca. PaneNostro is proud to be the first certified organic bakery in Palma. Artisans who work 100% local and always organic and integral flour are also specialists in gluten-free products of the highest quality.
Royal Pastisseria is a Mallorcan family business that began its activity in 1974, currently consolidating itself as a great specialty in ensaimadas, artisan breads and quality pastries.  The Bandarra It produces the best vermouth in El Penedés, a land of good wine, cava and vermouth.

Abco pottery studio  They are Apolonia and Bernat, a couple of passionate ceramic artisans from Pollença, responsible for unique pieces designed inspired by the colors and corners of Mallorca.

Mediterranea Lifestyle SL is a 100% Made in Spain recycled glass company that has a lot of experience in the manufacture of recycled glass and a great dynamic, young and professional team, located in L'Olleria, Valencia.
Catadeplaceta is the adventure undertaken by Cata, from Alaró, to create original and different gifts linked to Mallorca and its traditions. Piqué potatoes They are the creators of the potatoes and marine preserves of Vilanova y la Geltrú, a city with a seafaring tradition and marked by Mediterranean culture.
Goes from Bio is a company that distributes organic products, vegetables and fruits of the highest quality, which began its path andn 2008 together with the farms of Binifela, Son Durí and Son Cànaves, creating the Cooperative Això is Life. Casa Roibas is a neighborhood delicatessen with great experience. Family business specialists in Iberian ham and products of the highest quality.
Sullerica It is a signature beer, 100% artisan and made with orange blossom. Guillem and Mª Bel's adventure began in 2008 with an illusion to create a high-quality beer that would somehow recall the valley where Sóller was born.  Cafes Bay, third generation of coffee roasters (and one of the national references in the sector) that we are lucky to find in Mallorca,specifically in Lloret de Vistalegre. Organic coffee roasted in a traditional way.
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