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We are a family of women in love with Mallorca and good food. We define ourselves as non-conformist gourmets hungry for more, to know, to taste, to share new ingredients. That is why we have partnered with large producers and small businesses to bring you the best Mediterranean vermouths and breakfasts 100% "made in Mallorca" to your home or wherever you are. Inside our Be Fructus box you will only find products from small businesses for large palates, selected ingredients with a reason behind and to generate value for our community.


Only the best, the best

In a land full of great products it is not easy to distinguish the good from the best. It was not always the first time, and sometimes we had to turn to palates of friends, but now we can say that the box that you have in your hands or that you are about to send as a gift has, probably, the best ingredients in quality, commitment and flavor.

Small producers for big products

We go back to the origin, to look for those products created with enthusiasm and effort by small producers. Those products that keep a reason behind and a story to tell. Long-time producers and businesses who still do not know what social networks are combined with those who have been born in the digital age, hungry for reinvention. They share the same premise, believe and care for their product as if it were a child.

Be eco, my friend

Another of our great concerns: can our world continue to endure the current consumption model? Obviously not. We want to try to contribute to change and no gesture is small. And although there is still more to go, we work with our suppliers to deliver your Be Fructus box in the most responsible way possible, with ecological products and more sustainable packaging, that is why one of our premises is “fuck plastic”.

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